Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | Dining diversity in Journal Square
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Dining diversity in Journal Square

Here’s one reason I enjoy working in Jersey City’s Journal Square: One of the best meals is from the dumpy-looking pizza joint, “Three Guys from Italy,” which is run by Latinos. Next door is a burrito joint touting authentic Mexican grub, which is run by… a couple of Chinese women.

I asked the women why they don’t cook Chinese food, and they just shook their heads. Their burritos are pretty good, and huge, like Qdoba’s.

Next door to the building where I work is the “Korean Deli” which is run by Koreans with Latino employees. Do they serve any Korean food? Of course not… their steam buffet, which is stocked from morning on, includes a couple of Chinese items like fried rice and barbecued chicken, but they serve up a whole lot of other food. Once a week I get a breakfast sandwich there: Pastrami, egg and cheese on a kaiser roll for $3.

Sure beats an Egg McMuffin!