Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | Garrett’s Popcorn, a Chicago treat now available at O’Hare
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Garrett’s Popcorn, a Chicago treat now available at O’Hare

A Chicago institution since 1949, Garrett Popcorn Shops make incredibly tasty cheese popcorn and incredibly crunchy-sweet caramel corn. And, they sell the two flavors as a “Mix” (the first mashup??) that’s a bagful of heaven. OK, somewhat expensive heaven, but hey, did you think the pearly gates would come cheap?

Erin and I crave it whenever we’re in Chicago, and have gone out of our way to bring some home. They do mail order, but it seems weird to get popcorn via mail-order.

This video was shot at one of their downtown locations (the one on Michigan Ave. near the Tribune Tower has, alas, been closed), but the copany has finally opened locations at O’Hare Airport, and they even have shops opening in New York City (smart move).

I’ve been backlogged and have to sift through a lot of video from our week in Chicago, visiting family and attending the Unity Conference. I’ll try to get caught up this weekend….