Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper: Rock star treatment on the 16th St. mall
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Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper: Rock star treatment on the 16th St. mall

I ran into Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper a cpuple of days ago on my way to the dwntown bus station after work. He was being mobbed by people who wanted to shake his hand and pose for photos with him. It was amusing because I’ve known John for a long time — almost 25 years! — from back when he was a struggling ex-geologist in the oil industry just opening a restaurant. That restaurant — the Wynkoop Brewing Company — was the first microbrewery in Colorado, and set a trend in brewpubs that exploded nationwide. He still looks slightly embarrassed when he gets mobbed like this.

Today the city of Denver announced that the fundraising for the DNC, which had been the topic of much derision when the host committee came up short of projections a few months ago, had in fact raised more then $10 million above the goal. Good for John — he’ll be a rock star in the national Democratic Party’s eyes too.

I ended up walking with Mr. Mayor for a few minutes and videotaped (sloppily) our conversation. I have to say, Denver is incredibly fortunate to have a guy like Hickenlooper as our Mayor. He’s much loved by both liberals and cinservatives, and in every interaction I’ve had with him, I’ve felt he’s sincere, honest and always, an anti-politician. And in the spirit of full disclosure, that’s not just because he gave me two tickets to the Obama speech!