Part-Asian American Super Cr3w wins ‘Best Dance Crew’ title

Super Cr3w, the Las Vegas-based group of b-boys that includes Asian Americans, has won the top honors for the second season of producer Randy Jackson wildly popular show, “America’s Best Dance Crew,” on MTV. Congrats to the six-man group.

We took a break from incessant Olympics viewing to watch the live MTV season finale program last night, and were holding our breath. An astounding 39 million votes were cast for these two finalists, a reflection of how huge the hip-hop dance culture has become.

We wanted the other finalists, SoReal Cru from Houston, because they’re all Asian Americans, two of the members are women, and one of the members said poignantly during the season premiere that their parents expected them to be lawyers and doctors but they wanted to pursue their passion for dancing. Continue reading

Spanish athletes mock Chinese Olympic hosts in photos

OK, I had to post these two photos, in which Spanish athletes mock Chinese by pulling back their eyes to make them slanty — ha ha ha.

The first is a posed shot of of the Spanish Olympic basketball team. It was used in an ad in a Spanish newspaper, which calls into question not only the photographer, athletes and team management’s judgment, but also the national newspaper’s staff and management. The second photo is of the Spanish tennis team, celebrating after defeating the Chinese to go on to the Fed Cup finals earlier this year.

Man, I haven’t seen that done since I was in grade school — in the mid-1960s, when the expression was “enhanced” by the person sticking out his (or her, apparently) buck teeth and speaking in a heavy, phony Asian accent, saying crap like “ah-so!” and “herro, I solly, no tickee no laundoree.”

You’d think we’d moved past that kind of third-grade cruelty by now, but nope. Not in Spain, anyway.

What were they thinking? Are racial mocking stereotypes acceptable in Spain where they’re frowned upon here? Do Chinese athletes go around finding ways to mock Spanish athletes?

These photos disgust me. Continue reading’s DNC coverage and APAs at the convention

Check out the widget above. What’s a widget?

Widgets are cool, portable little online features that you can put onto websites easily by just copying a little bit of code into your page. I’m helping to get the word out about The Denver Post‘s widget for coverage of the Democratic National Convention, coming up in a little over a week here in Denver.

It’s a simple way for sites to include syndicated content from outside sources, contained within a defined box or space. Think of all the different elements on a MyYahoo or iGoogle home page – those individual boxes of content are all widgets on the page.
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“Dance Like Michael Jackson” — more Asian Americans showing they can dance


Saw this via Angry Asian Man (a daily must-read): Young Asian Americans are proving they can dance, and not just on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

This cool video is performed by FarEast Movement but created by Wong Fu Productions, a trio of Chinese Americans from UC San Diego who started making cool content online in 2003 and now run the gamut from online videos and music to t-shirts for your back.

Cool track as well as dancing — MJ’s high, lonesome “hee-hee” comes in and out like some ghostly punctuation mark on the dancing, and it’s nice to see these dancers, who probably weren’t even born when “Thriller” came out in 1983, pulling out all those old-school moves.

Hooked on HGTV?

One of the dangerous things about finally having cable TV, is tuning in to HGTV. For one thing, the network gives Erin way too many ideas for projects for us to tackle around the house. For another, it reveals my lack of ability to do most of the do-it-yourself projects that show up on the network’s programs.

What we noticed tonight, after several hours, was how diverse the network is with its shows’ hosts — especially the number of Asian Americans.

First we watched Hong Kong-born Vern Yip in “Deserving Design,” sort of a scaled-down version of the ABC hit show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition,” in which Yip, a doctor-to-be turned architect and designer, does makeovers of parts of a home for someone who deserves it. In this show, he helped a woman with cancer redo her kitchen and bedroom.
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