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Kate Agathon is organizing an exhibit in Indiana for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Kate Agathon, a grad school instructor at Purdue University and producer for photographer William L. Snyder (who took the portrait above, which was used originally on in a profile of Kate), is taking on a big art project and she needs your help. She's organizing a show called "ImaginAsian," and inviting anyone who is interested in submitting artwork to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May, to get the art by Feb. 28. You don't have to be an "arteest." You just need to fit an image or statement about the Asian American experience into an 8 1/2x11" space, and submit it with a mere $5 donation as an entry fee. The project is a fundraiser for Purdue's Asian American studies department, which is just getting started. The exhibit will be on display at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation in West Lafayette, Indiana, from April 2-May 9. Agathon explains the concept very eloquently: