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Two 13-year-old boys in Boulder, Colorado have been arrested (police plan a to arrest a third boy, 10) for calling a 12-year-old girl's cell phone and threatening to rape and kill her because she's Asian. Here's the story from the Boulder Daily Camera. It's more evidence that race in America is still an unsettled issue, lying just below the placid surface of even politically-correct communities. According to Boulder police spokesperson Sarah Huntley, the three boys dialed the girl's phone and described a violent sexual attack using explicit language:
The girl hung up, Huntley said, and they called back and left two messages telling her that she would die because of what they were going to do to her. "The girl answered the first call, but her parents intercepted the other messages," Huntley said. "They didn't pick up the phone, but they listened to the messages and shielded their daughter from hearing them." The messages included details about damaging the girl's female organs, Huntley said. "In the messages, they indicated that they wanted to have sex with her because she was Asian," Huntley said. "That is the basis for charging them with a bias-motivated crime."
Boulder may be liberal politically and environmentally, but not always racially. In recent years, the University of Colorado -- where most of the city's Asians and other people of color can be found -- has suffered a series of embarrassing racial incidents that range from vioelnce against minorities to a campus news website columnist satirically declaring "war against Asians."