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The Korean Canadian teen who fought back against a bully and won the support of his classmates has been allowed back in school. Last week I wrote about the 15-year-old, who was suspended from school and charged with assault by the York Regional Police in a town north of Toronto, for breaking the nose of another student. The other student had been bullying him, and called him a "fucking Chinese" before hitting the boy. Unfortunately for the bully, the Korean kid (his ethnicity wasn't identified in the earlier story) is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, the Korean martial art (his father is a master), and he defended himself with his weaker left hand, but still broke the bully's nose. Because the bully wasn't initially charged (both were suspended form school however), 400 students at Keswick High School protested last week to point out the injustice. A racial bias investigation was kicked off (no word on what happened to that). Although the school board initially recommended expulsion and blocking the Korean Canadian student from any of the district's schools (seem pretty harsh to me -- any racial bias there on the part of the administration?), they changed their minds since last week.