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Michael Paul and Jennifer are hoping to win the Ultimate Thailand Explorers contest.Last time we checked in on the smart promotion sponsored by the Thai government, "The Ultimate Thailand Explorers Contest," we were rooting for one couple to win. Unfortunately, Lori Fujikawa-Choy and Jackson Choy, newlyweds from Long Beach, California, didn't make it to the finals. But we now have a Filipino couple we can help, who did make it to the contest's finals. Michael Paul and Jennifer are newlyweds who live in the Philippines. She's a TV and magazine journalist; he's a travel agent, and they're trying to win a trip to Koh Samui, Thailand’s second most popular island destination. They sound like a natural for taking the big prize, because they can create a travelogue and book travel to Thailand. In fact, they're sharing their visit to Koh Samui on a contest blog and doing a great job. You can follow their adventures on the blog, but the most important way you can support them is to register on the site and vote for them (you can vote once every day). The public's votes will determine the grand prize winners, who will receive: