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Dr. Eun-Ok Im of UT-Austin is looking for middle-aged Asian women for a health study. I've seen emails criss-crossing the Internet, and a couple of blogs mentioning this, but I just got an email directly from UT-Texas asking for help, so I thought I should post about this. Dr. Eun-Ok Im (left), an internationally known expert in cross-cultural women’s health issues at the University of Texas at Austin, needs subjects for a health study -- and you don't need to live in Austin to participate. Dr. Im is conducting an Internet study on the physical activity attitudes among diverse ethnic groups of middle-aged women (40-60 Y/O). She needs Asian American women to sign up so that her study can provide a more complete data sample. "Furthermore, Asian American women’s opinions and experiences are very imperative," the email asking for help notes, "and cannot be neglected because the Asian American population is expanding very quickly in America." Interested women can click to the eMAPA (ethnic Specific Midlife Women's Attitude Toward Physical Activity) website and fill out a survey. Each survey takes about 30 minutes. Each participant will be reimbursed with a $10 gift certificate. The survey will begin by asking a series of eligibility questions. If you are in-eligible you will be notified.