Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | OK, so I’m late, but it was a good APA Heritage Month
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OK, so I’m late, but it was a good APA Heritage Month

Way back in May, I didn’t write about it, but I should have. In one week during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the character played by Masi Oka in the terrific series “Heroes” helped save the world, Olympic skater Apolo Anton Ohno won the coveted prize in “Dancing with the Stars” and a lovely Chinese American hapa woman, Tessa Horst, was chosen to wed the Navy captain on “The Bachelor.”

Yeah, yeah, this is shallow, mass-entertainment pabulum. But you know what? It’s so seldom to see Asians on the boob tube, that to have them hogging the spotlight was just a plain thrill.

Watching that much TV on consecutive nights for so many weeks may have turned my brain into mush, however….