Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | Feeling squirrely
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Feeling squirrely

I admit it, I’m stooping to lowest-common-denominator tactics. People love animal videos. And I shot one.

Erin began feeding unsalted peanuts in the shell to a squirrel she saw out back, which turned into two squirrels, and then three and now possibly four or five different ones. We recognize “Fatso,” “Runty” and “Rat-tail,” but there are a couple of others, it seems. A couple have become emboldened and come into the yard begging for food, or come along the fence up to Erin when she’s in the front yard. I got into the routine too, and stood with the Flip waiting for one of the squirrels. This one’s Fatso.

I have no reason to post this except I hope you enjoy it. It ain’t Asian, it ain’t baby boomerish, and it ain’t pop culture (well, kinda).