Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | Rice St.: “Digg” for Asian American Pacific Islander news
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Rice St.: “Digg” for Asian American Pacific Islander news

Here’s a great idea: Rice St. is a new website launched by an Asian American webhead in Brooklyn New Yawk, to help us all keep track of the increasing number of Asian American news and blog sites, as well as news about Asian and Asian Americans in mainstream media sites and blogs. Check it out: You’ll see a list of headlines from all over the Web, some from familiar sites and some from ones you may not recognize. Rice St. aggregates news and information and displays links to other sites in order of popularity.

You can join and post your own links, and vote stories up or down. It’s our very own Digg/Fark/Reddit/you name it. How cool is that? What’s next, an AAPI Drudge Report?

Let’s all support this site and help consolidate our many voices in one place — though of course I still have my list of AAPI RSS feeds that I pore over each day! (That’s another blog post altogether….)