Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | 2nd installment of Greg Pak’s “Vision Machine” comic book available for free download
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2nd installment of Greg Pak’s “Vision Machine” comic book available for free download

A panel from Greg Pak

For fans of sci-fi and comic books, the second installment of writer Greg Pak‘s “Vision Machine” comic book series is now available for FREE download at and Part 1 is also available on the downloads page, with Part 3 coming in December.

Here’s the official skinny on the book:


Pak Man Production
Written by Greg Pak
Pencils by R.B. Silva
Inks by DYM and Alexandre Palomaro
Colors by Java Tartaglia
Letters by Charles Pritchett
Follow Sprout CEO Liz Chitkala Evers on Twitter @sproutboss
Follow “Vision Machine” writer Greg Pak on Twitter @gregpak

In the year 2061, Sprout Computers releases the iEye, a pair of glasses that allow you to effortlessly record, edit, and add special effects to anything you see — and instantly share it with the world. It’s all of the insane potential of digital media and social networking at the speed of thought, and three film grads named BUDDY, DAVE, and JANE have embraced the new dream. But now the other shoe’s about to drop… Don’t miss the second issue of “Planet Hulk” writer Greg Pak’s insane new sci fi story, gloriously pencilled by up-and-coming superstar R.B. Silva (“Jimmy Olsen”).

“Pak is absolutely on fire here… Meanwhile, RB Silva is creating some of the most intricate and well rounded art of his career.” —

“Somewhere on the cynicism scale between Warren Ellis and Cory Doctorow, Greg Pak creates a story that makes you reexamine your iPhones and Twitter feeds, wondering, just whose future are they truly benefiting?” — FloppyTown

“Book of the Week” honors from Awesomed By Comics

You may recognize Pak’s name from credits on comics titles including “Incredible Hulk” and “Silver Surfer,” and also as he writer and director of “Robot Stories,” a cult classic indie sci-fi movie (our pal Tamlyn Tomita starred in one of the four stories in the film).

What’s cool about Pak’s project is he and his co-creators are inviting fans to share the comic with everyone in true social networking fashion, and then inviting people to mix and match and crate remixed mashups of the story. It’s a new, brave way to create entertainment content and interact with audiences, and the future of storytelling.

Beats my younger days as a comic book junkie, riding my bike to 7 Eleven to buy Marvel titles off the rack and devour them at home. The only way I could interact back then was sending letters to Stan Lee (he never ran any of mine) or joining the “Merry marvel Marching Society” fan club. Oops, I’m showing my age….

Anyway, “Vision Machine” is a really well-done comic book with a great storyline and terrific artwork, distributed in fantastic fashion, and well worth downloading to get a taste of the state of the art in graphic literature.

I should have posted this earlier, since it’s been available since Nov 17 (sorry Greg, I wasn’t paying enough attention to your release date and spaced it).

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