Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | Wong Fu Production’s “Agent of Secret Stuff” comedy film is a big hit on YouTube
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Wong Fu Production’s “Agent of Secret Stuff” comedy film is a big hit on YouTube

Anything that San Diego-based Wong Fu Productions creates is big news in Asian American circles. But their 35-minute indie film, “Agents of Secret Stuff,” a spy comedy has garnered the attention of the mainstream tech press because it’s already been viewed over 2 million times since was posted on YouTube on Nov. 24., the online bible of the social media industry, posted about the movie’s success. Wong Fu has also posted an entertaining 8 1/2 minute “Behind the Scenes” video and a 4-minute Blooper reel. Wong Fu’s starting to feel like a grown-up movie studio!

But they’re still a trio of young Asian American friends from college days, Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang, who decided to pool their talents in video production, hooked up with lots of AAPI talent (they’ve worked on Far East Movement’s music videos, for instance), started a t-shirt company called Nice Guy Design, and travel around to colleges speaking to Asian American student groups (they’ve spoken and showed their work at Denver University, for instance, even out here in the hinterlands).

“Agents of Secret Stuff,” a collaboration between Wong Fu and Japanese American comedian Ryan Higa (the first person to hot 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube) is a funny and silly but very entertaining spy spoof about Adan, an agent of Agents of Secret Stuff (A.S.S.) played by Higa, who has to go undercover as a high school student to protect a girl (played by the lovely Arden Cho) from A.S.S.’s archenemy, the Society Involving Not-so-good Stuff (S.I.N.S.). Taylor, the girl at first resists having a bodyguard, but then of course they fall in love. It’s a cliched plot and yes, it descends into goofiness here and there, but it’s cute and irresistibly likable throughout. It’s also the longest, studio-quality film to be posted on YouTube, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The trailer above is just a taste of the fun. Check out the whole film!