Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | Storify timeline view of tweets & pics from V3con
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Storify timeline view of tweets & pics from V3con

View the V3 conference told in tweets and uploaded photos posted live as it happened, in a Storify timeline:

V3 Asian American Digital Media Conference timeline

V3, the Asian American Digital Media Conference, was held Aug. 25, at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, with an Opening Awards Reception on Friday Aug. 24 at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena.

Storified by Gil Asakawa · Mon, Sep 03 2012 13:38:48

Join me @V3con: I’ll be on the panel – Social media’s impact on mainstream media & blogging. 10% code: V3-Mayhem #V3conCalvin Lee
V3 Digital Media Conf. awards top honors to #LisaLing, Jeff Yang, #DavidChoi and Joz Wang #v3conTed Nguyen
Journalist Lisa Ling receives Visibility Award @ #V3con Asian American Digital Media Conference.Gil Asakawa
#v3con highlight: awaiting the arrival of honoree @lisaling, who proved delightful, gracious. Fuhrmann
Jeff Yang getting the Vision Award! #v3consweatpantsmom
Up and Early – #V3con #JANMEric Ignacio
@V3Con,you had me at "mochi":the happiest,puts-a-smile-on-my-face thank you gift ever received as a panelist. #V3Con Sum Warriors
NY blogger @BettyMingLiu recap of her weekend in LA’s Little Tokyo attending #V3con: Asakawa
#v3con highlight: talking about blogging alongside @aldenhabacon @angryasianman @GilAsakawa @slantyapolis. My advice: #follow these chaps.Henry Fuhrmann
.@sweatpantsmom Many thanks for attending our #v3con panel. The @latimes blog stats were published here: @LATreadersrepHenry Fuhrmann
Behind the scenes interview w/ @davidchoimusic at #v3con RAW #v3youtube
@SusanHirasuna @GastronomyBlog @starrykitchen @MadHungryWoman Thanks for the fun and informative panel discussion. I got so hungry. #V3conTed Nguyen
Craving ramen for lunch. I totally blame #v3conGrace Hwang Lynch
I spotted two paparazzi, @Niecee @GinaMom at my panel @V3con Conf on Sat #V3socialmedia #V3conCalvin Lee
Kept asking people "Where are you from?" instead of "Where do you work?" at #v3con yesterday – and it caught people off guard. #ThatGirlTaz Ahmed
Thank you so much @davidchoimusic & @ClaraCMusic! #V3con #V3youtube Kaifu
V3 – Digital Media Conference – Biennale Presentation @jozjozjoz @crisr @lorikodama @jamuseum #v3con #giantrobotGiant Robot
Hundreds gather in downtown LA for Asian American Pacific Islanders groundbreaking V3 Conference: #v3con via @TedNguyenSocialWorld Buzz
1st time mtg @originalspin Jeff Yang! JYang Squared blowin minds! @v3con #v3con @ Aloha Café Yang
Great to catch up w/ old friends and see so many new faces. Props to the organizers & looking fwd to next year. Blog on! #V3con @V3conBicoastal Bitchin
Thanks to all the great folks @v3con for your enthusiasm and support around this new APIA civic engagement project. Launching soon! #V3con18millionrising
@TedNguyen is a bad ass moderator! CC: @jozjozjoz @IWGroup @AAJAla #V3conrichandcreamy
@davidchoimusic It was nice meeting you at #V3con! Keep sharing your amazing talents! Good luck to you and @claracmusic on your guys’ tour!Lailanie
#1 piece of advice @ABC7DavidOno has for digital journalists, and why he doesn’t want to be a dinosaur! [VIDEO] #v3con Doran
Twitter friends! Please #FF and check out @WreckedStellar @stylewbenefits @JackieeePerdue @disgrasian Miss these girls already <3 #v3conthomás
OMG best speaker gift ever- box of manju rice cakes. Thanks #V3con! #notsharing
Post #v3con reflection: such a good time being w/ such inspirational pp @ Japanese American National Museum
so great to finally meet @koolasiankid at #v3con after meeting them virtually ages ago. now i see why i remembered them. awesome @v3conFrances Kai-Hwa Wang
@V3con Heading back 2 Bay Area 2day. Great #v3con: Digital media topics, panelists & inspiring vibe. Thx for the SoCal welcome!Karen Kang
@kimbui thank you for your presentation and tips at #v3conMichelle Ko (???)
Lac Muthuhlovin Su! Founder of @v3con #v3con predecessor & inspiration @ Japanese American National Museum Yang
Post-con Hawaiian buffet at Aloha Cafe. #v3con @ Aloha Café Hsieh
Thank you again to @JAmuseum for hosting @V3con 2012! We can’t wait for #V3con 2013 here!
Chk out our guest blog for #v3con about social media and API health issues. @rrrlisarrr @HelpingJanet @healthreformusaCool Asian Kids
Asian American’s growing political voice panel with @RichardLui at #v3con #NoFilters Nguyen
Check out our blog about not meeting Phil Yu @angryasianman at #V3Con. We wimped out. Asian Kids
#V3Con was absolutely AMAZING! Learned about sports media, journalism, @ Japanese American National Museum ono
Great turn out on panel I was on today for @V3con. Standing room only & outside.#V3socialmedia #v3con Lee
LA I think I will miss you. Good times, cool ppl. Thx @v3con! Until next year #v3conMike Kwan
Anger is a gift, #v3con with @angryasianman and @lelalee Chow
The main lesson I learned from today’s @V3con is that what you do in your off work hours is where your true passions lie. #V3conLeslie Toy
Good seeing @jennyyang1 #V3conEric Ignacio
Thank you sponsors of #V3con !! E. Habacon
Blog on! #v3showcase #v3conCool Asian Kids
Blogging and social media vs. journalism at #v3con Nguyen
@ErinYoshimura BLOG ON! @V3con #v3conFrances Kai-Hwa Wang
Watching the manga and anime panel with @lelalee!! I LOVE ANGRY LITTLE GIRLS!!!! #v3con #v3comicsCool Asian Kids
Comic Relief: Anime and Manga in the digital era. #V3comics #v3conEric Ignacio
#V3Fashion panel @mybelongingblog @disgrasian @WreckedStellar @jackieeeperdue @v3con #v3conShannon Smith
#V3CON today. Good people, good connections._jasonylee
@natfilmsociety @patrickepino #v3conEric Ignacio
Had a great time at v3 con! So inspiring. Spoke to Ipo Pharr and Andrew Figueroa Chiang last night and met some great ppl today #V3conCarrie Lam
@KoolAsianKid good blog post about #v3con. best of luck building your blog and Twitter following. Will email re: device demo/trial.Ken Muche
@TedNguyen’s post and awesome Storify timeline of #V3con: Asakawa
V3 conference for Asian American social and digital media. #v3con #asianamericameclipse0o3