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“Aw, man. This is the best job ever…. The best job ever,” says John Daub with a supremely satisfied smile. He had just taken a sip of fabulous creamy onion bacon soup at a restaurant named Kokoya de Kobayashi in the city of Kobayashi in Miyazaki prefecture, on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu.

He’s not kidding. He has a great job.

Daub and his wife, Kanae, have been “working,” spending several days in the area livestreaming videos for his “Only in Japan GO” YouTube channel. It might seem like an amazingly fun gig, and obviously, it is. But don’t be fooled -- he works hard at his job.

Daub began this series of livestream episodes two days before in Miyazaki prefecture, to attend a Mango Auction. Yes, in Japan they auction off mangoes just like the tuna auctions in Tokyo’s famous fish market – the top fruit went for $5,000. For one fruit. (He posted his edited report on the $5,000 mango a week later.)

I've been using Posterous and Tumblr as blogging outlets for posting about topics that don't fit Nikkei View, and I'm especially loving Posterous. I use my Posterous blog for pop culture stuff (Asian or non-Asian related) and Tumblr for new media and journalism stuff. Take a look: The best thing about it is the ease of posting: I just send an...

Yes, I know I've been slacking off my Nikkei View scribblings for more than a month now. Sorry about that. I've been busy with the day job (which I enjoy a lot, working on Internet and new media stuff for MediaNews Group Interactive, the parent company of The Denver Post, San Jose Mercury News and 70-some other newspapers across the...

I was having problems with my Nikkeiview "theme" template, so I tested out some new WordPress looks. I like this theme, called "Cutline." What do you think? I'll leave it up for a while, and who knows, after some customizing, I may keep it. I'll need to swap out the photo images with my own images, though. Gil...