Gil Asakawa's Nikkei View | It’s hard to keep up blogging when you work all day
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It’s hard to keep up blogging when you work all day

I started a fulltime job in February, working for as Director of Content. And it’s kept me from blogging.

I’m in charge of news and local information content on the Web site, which serves users across the country and especially in three cities — Baltimore, Washington DC and San Francisco — where our parent company, Clarity Media Group, owns newspapers.

The newspapers are designed for the new reality of the news media industry — lean and mean and young and hungry. They’re smaller papers with smaller staff, and they’re delivered and picked up for free in those three cities.

Likewise, the Web site is lean and mean. I manage online editors in those cities but we do a lot with technology. We database and deliver up content from both our newsrooms and from the Associated Press and other sources in novel and efficient ways. I’ll write more about the site later. For now, suffice it to say that I work long hours and I work from home and by the time I have some free time I’m not in the frame of mind to sit and blog.

So, I haven’t — not even when there’ve been lots to blog about.

I’ll try to get better about keeping up my various side-writing projects, because they’re important to me.

But I gotta admit, the salary and benefits are pretty darned important to me too!