One Response to This is the OLD version of Nikkei View

  1. TOMAS A LASAM says:


    Im a Filipino American and just want to highlight my opinion and suggestions regarding our struggle for hate and discrimination:

    Asians and Asian Americans have the money and resources to organize and lobby about our issues and problems. Lets use that leverage.
    I don’t see too many Asian Americans in movies, Tv shows and even as news anchors. We should be visible in these arena for us to be recognized and not as invisible.
    We also need more asian americans in political arena.
    Those of us who have the means and resources and talent to make a movie or tv show with asian americans as lead roles even in sitcom comedy should make the move and start it. Lets follow what the Jewish community are doing; They are a success even though they are hated. They also dominate the entertainment industry.

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