DNC 2008 kicks off with Asian American summit, APIAVote Gala

Here are DNC-related “tweets” from my Twitter feed, which shows up in my Facebook updates and also in a widget on my blog pages. Some videos, too: Above, emcee Tamlyn Tomita (“Joy Luck Club,” “Come See the Paradise,” “Picture Bride,” Karate Kid II”) introduces Mee Moua, the historic first-ever Hmong American lawmaker, a state senator from Minnesota, during the APIAVote Gala at the Marriott City Center.

The week began before the convention itself, with a Saturday night Media Kickoff Party that was the city’s show of excess to 15,000 journalists from around the world. I bet there were over 5,000 jrounalists, maybe 10,000, who attended the evening at Elitch Gardens amusement park. The admission was free, the rides were free, there was free food and drink everywhere, and even the arcade games were free, and the staff handed out stuffed animal prizes to anyone who played anything.

The next day, Sunday, was an Asian American Summit organized by a Denver committee, which featured speakers including Congressman Mike Honda. The session was a first step towards organizing Colorado’s AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander, which I’ll try to use as my standard acronym when I’m not spelling out Asian American) community to participate in the political process. Monday night, the first night pof the convention, was the APIAVote Gala.

Back to work after last night’s APIAVote Gala. Some AsianAms seemed to feel slighted that Michelle Obama didn’t show up as rumored. about 1 hour ago from web

DNC APIAVote Gala: Frmr congressman and Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta says Asian Americans have to “be at the table” of politics. about 13 hours ago from mobile web

DNC APIAVote Gala: Minn. state senator Mee Muoua says she identifies w/ Michelle Obama’s speech about the “improbable journey.” about 13 hours ago from mobile web

DNC APIAVote Gala: Rep. Mike Honda introduced a comic who’s Japanese/Asian Indian who told partisan jokes, freaking out APIAVote folks. about 14 hours ago from mobile web

DNC APIAVote Gala: Denver Taiko rocking the house? and Kelly Tsai of NYC performed two fabulous spoken word pieces. about 16 hours ago from mobile web

DNC APIAVote Gala: preparing for the big night. Performances well be ad hoc, emceeing all improv. Crazy, man! about 17 hours ago from mobile web

Pathetic: Denver opens roads early around DNC because parade “frequency and participation” is lower than expected. http://tinyurl.com/6f4hgk about 22 hours ago from web

Erin’s going to the Asian American Democratic Caucus today,and we’ll be at the APIAVote Gala tonight. Should be an interesting event. 07:15 AM August 25, 2008 from web

DNC: Other emcees besides me for tomorrow’s APIAVote Gala are actor Tamlyn Tomita and CNN anchor Joie Chen. No Martin Bashirism allowed. 05:03 PM August 24, 2008 from mobile web

Cool Yul: Met Yul Kwon, winner of ‘Survivor,’ at the DNC AAPI Summit. He’s out there getting young Asian Americans involved in politics. 04:02 PM August 24, 2008 from mobile web

DNC AAPI Summit: Rep. Mike Honda moderates panel discussing Asian American issues and ways to keep AAPI involved in political process. 02:19 PM August 24, 2008 from mobile web

DNC AAPI Summit: Hank Eng is intro’d to the room. He’s walking a lonely road in Colo. District 6, running for Tancredo’s Congressional seat. 01:42 PM August 24, 2008 from mobile web

DNC Asian American Summit: Charmaine Manansala covers how many more AAPIs are part of the Obama campaign today over the Kerry campaign. 01:32 PM August 24, 2008 from mobile web

DNC Asian American Summit: Ginger Lew gives history of Asian Caucus in the Democratic party over the past decades of conventions. 01:25 PM August 24, 2008 from mobile web

At Asian Americans for Progress Summit @ DNC w/ local & national APAs. 12:53 PM August 24, 2008 from mobile web

Today: Walk-through downtown for tomorrow’s APIAVote Gala (I’m emcee) and then Asian American Pacific Islander Summit @ DNC this afternoon. 07:56 AM August 24, 2008 from web

Great fun evening with the DNC Media Kickoff Party. Denver feels like a real grown-up city this week. Lotsa people everywhere downtown. 11:35 PM August 23, 2008 from web

Erin’s doing a walk-through for a Michelle Obama breakfast at the convention center. It’s both super organized and chaotic at the same time. 09:53 PM August 23, 2008 from mobile web

We’re about to ride the Tower of Doom – a 200 feet freefall – after eating lots of food. Could be bad news…. 08:20 PM August 23, 2008 from mobile web

DNC media kickoff party at Elitch’s amusement park is nuts…. free food and drink for 10,000 journalists? Are you kidding? 07:46 PM August 23, 2008 from mobile web

Nice rain to cool off the city before tonight’s DNC Media Kickoff Party at Elitch Gardens amusement park downtown. 03:30 PM August 23, 2008 from web

Denver feels true blue already. The Democrats are arriving and wandering around downtown. 07:10 PM August 22, 2008 from mobile web

Denver’s free thank-you concert for DNC volunteers @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre: Dave Mathews w/ Tim Reynolds, Sheryl Crow, Sugarland, more. 06:53 AM August 22, 2008 from web

Want automatically updated DNC coverage from The Denver Post for your website w/ a free widget? Email me – gasakawa@medianewsgroup.com 05:49 PM August 20, 2008 from mobile web

The APIAVote Gala is competing with Michelle Obama’s speech Monday, and also a Hillary Clinton event at the Denver Arts Museum. Busy night. 04:54 PM August 19, 2008 from web

At a planning meeting for APIAVote Gala during the Democratic National Convention. My job as emcee: make ’em laugh, keep ’em entertained. 04:16 PM August 19, 2008 from web

There are 400 parties during the DNC? Really? And two parades a day every day outside our offices? What? I’m tired already…. 12:59 PM August 19, 2008 from web

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