Disturbing video of anti-Muslim protesters in Yorba Linda, Calif screaming at Muslim families

This video made me literally cry. It’s of protesters (includig elected officials) in Yorba Linda, Calif. outside of a fundraising event for homelessness, by a relief organization that happens to be Muslim-based. As attendees arrived, they were subjected to what I can only call hate language.

My stomach clenched when I heard “Go home!” and “Never forget 9/11!” because I’d grown up hearing “Go home, Jap!” and “Remember Pearl Harbor!” from people who hated me for no good reason. They say a lot worse things in this video too, disgusting and ridiculous stuff.

Everyone should watch this video, and realize how vile hatred and bigotry is bubbling just beneath the surface of American society, fueled by fear and ignorance.

Thanks to Angry Asian Man for the link.

UPDATE: Here’s Al Jazeera English’s report on the protest:

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a Salon story about a Muslim woman who had to walk this gauntlet of protesters with her children to attend the fundraiser.

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