Japanese web star Maru the Cat celebrates 6th birthday with a compilation video

Not many cats get their own Wikipedia entry, but Maru the Cat does. If you’re a cat hater, Maru may leave you cold. But anyone with a soft spot for furry animals in generals and felines in particular won’t be able to resist grinning over this “best of” collection by Maru’s owner, a woman who remains off-camera and anonymous, under the YouTube username “mugumogu.”

“Maru” means “round” in Japanese, which is appropriate for this fat cat — he’s not enormous, just… round. He has the normal cat’s curiosity, especially for bags, boxes and any other container, even if it’s a tight fit for his girth. The videos are charming not just because he’s cute, but because he’s so slow and deliberate about almost everything he does.

Mugumogu’s YouTube channel for Maru has over 300,000 subscribers and Maru’s videos have been viewed almost 214 million times. That’s some serious kitty quality time.

Watch this compilation, then subscribe to the channel, and join the Maru club.

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