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Radio jock gives a non-apology apology

Here’s a story published June 20 from the Toledo Blade in Ohio about a Tower 98.3 DJ “apologizing” for an on-air stunt that sparked protests from Asian Americans. Lucas, a night-time DJ, made a series of mocking calls to Asian-owned businesses while on the air, including a Japanese restaurant where he reportedly told the person […]

How can radio continue to be so stupidly racist?

I know, I know, I’m painting all of the radio industry with an awful broad brush. But let’s face it, no one’s doing this kind of stuff on TV. A year and a half ago, I wrote my (embarrassingly, most recent) Nikkei View column about Hot 97, a station in NYC, which broadcast a tasteless […]

Adding racism on top of stupidity

Who would be idiotic enough to find the Asian tsunami tragedy? Some of the staff at Hot 97, a New York City hip-hop radio station, that’s who.