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Obon dance an annual highlight of Cherry Blossom Festival

It looks easy — lining up and following the movements of the little old ladies who have been doing it all their lives. But it’s hard work, and I work up a sweat almost immediately during Obon practice at the Denver Buddhist Temple gym. I didn’t grow up dancing Obon every summer like many Japanese […]

Is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month a bad idea?

It’s May. Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. I wonder, though, if this celebration of our heritage is an idea whose time has passed. I’m glad that we have our month every year, but I’m worried that we’re emphasizing the wrong things year after year. Erin and I are starting to feel that APA Heritage […]

Lunching at Japantown in San Francisco

I just had a great meal at our favorite restaurant in San Francisco’s Japantown, Iroha. It’s a noodle house that serves up a great deal: A lunch combination special of ramen topped with a couple slices of pork, and gyoza dumplings on the side. The restaurant is more crowded than usual, and filled with lots […]