On blogging: Nikkei View, and my other stuff on Posterous and Tumblr

I’ve been using Posterous and Tumblr as blogging outlets for posting about topics that don’t fit Nikkei View, and I’m especially loving Posterous. I use my Posterous blog for pop culture stuff (Asian or non-Asian related) and Tumblr for new media and journalism stuff. Take a look:



The best thing about it is the ease of posting: I just send an email with photos attached or video embedded, and it appears within a minute or two online. And it posts the headline onto Twitter which then posts the update to Facebook.

Tumblr is more popular with media companies but it’s a little more work to post. They can do emails too but the email address is harder to remember, and the formatting gets all jacked if you submit via email.

Both platforms are great for short, snippy comments and observations, stuff that I don’t want to write long essays about. Or, I can write something longer too, if I want.

If you’re a blogger or just considering blogging, I highly recommend them. It remains to be seen if these inspire me to write more on this Nikkei View blog, or if I abandon longform blogging altogether… (not likely!)