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Brandon Lee biopic needs your help raising money with just 3 days to go

Brandon Lee was a handsome actor on the rise in Hollywood, continuing the legacy of his father, Bruce Lee, as an action star. But in 1993, during the filming of the movie “The Crow,” he suffered a tragic accident — a gun that was supposed to be loaded with blanks in a scene shot a […]

Asian Americans are making progress in mainstream American pop culture

I happened to catch a terrific documentary the other night, “I Am Bruce Lee,” which combines a well-researched biography of the late great martial arts star Bruce Lee with interviews with everyone from his wife Linda Lee Caldwell, to LA Lakers star (and martial artist) Kobe Bryant who discuss Lee’s legacy and enormous influence on […]

“Green Hornet” trailer shows Kato’s role as much more than just a butt-kicking sidekick & valet

First of all, I can now see that there’s some comedic logic to casting Seth Rogan as the Green Hornet (and his alter-ego Britt Reid), and that he may be able to pull off a superhero vibe after all. Second, I can hardly wait to see the movie to enjoy Jay Chou as Kato, and […]