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Jason Chu’s “Battle Scars” powerful music video about bullying, violence and the power of love

Bullying, guns and violence in schools isn’t just an Asian or Asian American issue. It’s am across-the-board societal issue, and Chu’s message of love, although maybe idealistic, is a good start, especially considering the level of violence across the country in just the past few months. Kevin Lien adds haunting vocals, and the video tells […]

Asian Canadian 15-year-old fights back against racist schoolyard bully

If you’ve ever been taunted or attacked by a bully but never fought back, you have to applaud this kid as a hero. A 15-year-old Asian Canadian (the newspaper story by the Globe and Mail never states the kid’s or his family’s name) fought back at a bully and broke his tormentor’s nose, got suspended […]