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Storify timeline view of tweets & pics from V3con

View the V3 conference told in tweets and uploaded photos posted live as it happened, in a Storify timeline:

V3con held a digital media mirror up to Asian Americans

The V3 conference for Asian America Digital Media, which was held August 25 in Los Angeles, was a landmark event. It was the first time that Asian American media from both journalism and the blogosphere gathered together to discuss their online presence and share their knowledge and skills. The conference grew out of a similar […]

Preview video of V3 Asian American Digital Media Conference, Aug 25, LA

I helped organize the panels and awards for the V3 Asian American Digital Media Conference, and it’s going to be a hella great confab if I say so myself. Check out the speakers, performers and panelists we have lined up! Here’s a V3con preview with scenes from last year’s Banana2 Asian American bloggers conference, which […]

AAJA-LA president Joz Wang interviewed at Unity about V3con

The V3 Asian American Digital Media Conference is coming up on Aug. 25, with a great Opening reception and Awards Ceremony on Friday, Aug. 24. Here’s Joz Wang, AAJA-LA president and one of V3con’s organizers, talking about the event:

V there or be square: V3con update — panelists, schedules, Early Bird price ends tomorrow!

We’re deep in the planning process for V3, the Asian American Digital Media Conference, scheduled for Aug. 25 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles with an Opening Night Reception and Awards ceremony on Friday, Aug. 24 at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. Most of the panelists are set and confirmed. We’re […]