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Coke with green tea? In Japan? Say it ain’t so!

Cooking and culture: Korean soon doo bu, kimchee and the magic of YouTube

Erin and I made soon doo bu jjigae, a Korean stew for the first time the other day, and had a blast cooking it up. Food is a foundation of culture, so we love enjoying different cuisines from around the world. People who follow our Twitter tweets that are marked “#twEATs” which are copied to […]

Bento Zanmai in Boulder hits the ramen spot

OK, I can stop whining. I’ve been on a ramen hunt for a couple of months. But I’ve finally sated my jones, with a trip top Bento Zanmai on the Hill in Boulder. Unlike Los Angeles, where a row of ramen shops take up most of a block along Little Tokyo, and San Francisco’s Japantown, […]

Peking-Tokyo Restaurant, a Chinese-Vietnamese success story

Erin and I had dinner tonight at a restaurant we hadn’t visited in a couple of years — it’s been too long. Peking-Tokyo Restaurant is located in the southern part of the suburb of Lakewood, across town from where we live. Back a decade ago, when we both worked a few blocks from Peking-Tokyo Express, […]

A Taste of Tokyo on Colfax Ave.: Taki’s Restaurant