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Why Asian Americans hate hearing “Where are you from?”

This has been a good week for sometimes contentious but bracing conversations on Facebook. The latest one started when I posted a link to an excellent Forbes article by Ruchika Tulshyan titled “‘Where Are You From?’ And Other Big Networking Racial Faux Pas” The article raises the oft-aired complaint by Asian Americans that asking “Where […]

Actors from Ken Tanaka’s “What Kind of Asian Are You?” video read comments from it

Here’s a P.S. to my post featuring the spot-on video of the “Where are you from” conversation that Asian Americans know too well.

“Where are you from?” conversation put on video by Ken Tanaka

It’s amazing how many Asian Americans I know have had to suffer through this stupid conversation. In fact, I’ve met very few Asian Americans who haven’t heard the question, “where are you from?” or some variation, like, “You speak English so well!” Or, having people come up to you, put their hands together and bow, […]

Martha Stewart needs etiquette lessons for asking an Asian American, “Where do you come from?”

A reader named Robin, who is Japanese American and born in Iowa and bakes apple pies, sent me this email: “I was wincing yesterday when Martha Stewart asked an asian american woman in the audience (Sumi somethingorother, who baked an apple pie for Martha’s contest) “Where are you from?” and the woman said with no […]