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You gotta love it: “Asians eat weird things” by Fung Bros. w/ AJ Rafael

Brilliant, smart, funny, right on and righteous. Makes me wish I live in LA, and could shop at 99 Ranch anytime I want. I love this video. I love all the food in this video (will have to try the couple of things I’m not familiar with). Kudos to The Fung Brothers David and Andrew, […]

Actors from Ken Tanaka’s “What Kind of Asian Are You?” video read comments from it

Here’s a P.S. to my post featuring the spot-on video of the “Where are you from” conversation that Asian Americans know too well.

Does Buddhism have a diversity problem?

An excellent, thoughtful and thought-provoking article on Huffington Post about the lack of diversity in the Buddhism community in the U.S., “Buddhist ‘People Of Color Sanghas,’ Diversity Efforts Address Conflicts About Race Among Meditators” got me pondering about race and religion. The article, by Jaweed Kaleem, HuffPo’s National Religion Reporter, focuses on Buddhist groups throughout […]

Boa mashes Asian, Mexican cuisine in cross-cultural menu

“Slumdog Millionaire” opens in India, nominated for 10 Oscars

On the eve of its release today in India, the British independent film “Slumdog Millionaire” was nominated for 10 Academy Awards. It’s already won four Golden Globes: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Score. The movie’s up for all of those categories at the Oscars, and may well win some if not all […]